Holistic Education Initiative

What We Do

Connect. Share. Consult. Fund great things.

We aim to build connections between holistic educators and schools, and to increase the visibility and practice of holistic education. By establishing this network, we nurture our desire to connect, share stories, learn, and grow to wholeness. This naturally cycles back to our schools and organizations, further deepening our practice and benefiting students, teachers, parents, administrators and, ultimately, the greater community.


The HEI provides a network for holistic educators who seek to share stories, enhance holistic practices, and be in community with one another. Join the HEI community!


The HEI spreads and integrates holistic education by sharing research and articles about holistic practice, as well as by blogging and encouraging networking of all kinds. Be informed!


We provide consulting for teachers and administrators in enriching their knowledge of holistic education, deepening their craft, and strengthening their individual schools. Areas of consulting can range anywhere from how to run student-led morning meetings to how to bring contemplative practice into your school. Fees for consulting are either paid by those receiving the consulting services or by funds generously given by our donors. Request consulting services

Fund Great Things

The HEI provides grants to teachers, administrators, and future teachers who are relatively new to holistic education. Funds can be used to:

  • Attend a holistic education workshop or conference
  • Consult with a holistic educator
  • Visit a holistic education learning environment

The HEI provides grants to teachers and administrators who have been practicing holistic education. Funds can be used to:

  • Present at a holistic education workshop or conference
  • Host a holistic education conference
  • Write an article about holistic practice
  • Visit classrooms to offer feedback and guidance

Apply for a grant